Brick Cleaning

Original Brickwork

At SBR we are specialists in the brick cleaning of residential properties.


Often, decades of air pollution and weather exposure, have an adverse affect on the appearance and integrity of most exposed brickwork.


This problem can be remedied with a combination of expert cleaning skills and the correct use of chemicals .


By using a combination of high pressure-washers and specially mixed chemicals we are able to clean and restore old polluted brickwork.


Compared to the cost of rebuilding brickwork,  a similar 'new look' appearance can be achieved, at a fraction of the cost.

Before ...

And after ...

During ...

Windows protected and cleaning underway.

And after ...

New Brickwork

 New - build brick cleaning service.


Using various chemicals and cleaning techniques, we are able to greatly improve the appearance of newly built buildiings and

new extensions.


A site-clean using our mortar-stain removing chemicals and high pressure-washers, will always provide the perfect finish to any new brickwork.


New brickwork cleaned with mortar-stain remover.

On-site, Boundary Park , Oldham, Lancs.

 Boundary Park, Oldham, Lancs.







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